Impact of FBI virus on your PC and its removal process

FBI virus can move under your skin, with its real looking fake threats and consequences, in case you are taking it lightly. FBI virus a.k.a FBI Moneypak Virus, FBI Green Dot Moneypak virus, Citadel or Reverton, is a ransom-ware which locks up the infected computer and asks users to pay fine, on behalf of Federal Bureau of Investigation of United States. The fake charges that it accuses users for are violation of Copyright Act, downloading child pornographic contents etc. which are felony according to the States Law. In this fake warning, FBI virus will give you a time frame for making the fine payment, failing which; you will face criminal charges against you.

This virus direct user to make payment of $100 or $200 and this transaction is untraceable. It also disables task manager and registry editor of the system, and proves authority of these warnings genuine.

Guess what! This virus is delivered by Blackhole exploit kit, most notorious web threats of current times as confirmed by Shopos and AVG.

How to detect FBI Virus in your system?

Basic symptoms which are associated with FBI Virus are prepared to scare PC users, for the consequences of committed cybercrime like download and distribution of copyrighted materials, download, distribution or possession of child pornographic contents. It controls the user’s desktop and disallows functioning of any other authentic application, thereby creating panic in user’s mind. .

How to remove FBI virus?

FBI virus can be removed in two ways. Let’s see how it works.

1st removal process –First way is easier, where user can run any effective anti-spyware software. Make sure that your anti-spyware software is designed to tackle threats of FBI virus.

2nd removal process – Second process of removing FBI virus is the manual process and needs little bit technical knowledge of a PC. However, you can follow the under-mentioned steps to remove this virus from your system.

  • Step 1. Run your PC.

  • Step 2. Press F8 before Operating system starts.

  • Step 3. Select “Safe Mode with Networking”.

  • Step 4. Detect and remove below mentioned all FBI Moneypak Ransomware virus files.


  • %WINDIR%\system32\0_0u_l.exe

  • %APPDATA%\jork_0_typ_col.exe

  • %TEMP%\0_0u_l.exe

  • %Temp%\[RANDOM].exe

  • tpl_0_c.exe

  • %StartupFolder%\ch810.exe


  • %StartupFolder%\wpbt0.dll

Other Files

  • %StartupFolder%\ctfmon.lnk

  • WARNING.txt

  • V.class

Registry Keys

  • %AppData%\vsdsrv32.exe

  • cconf.txt.enc

The control FBI virus exerts does scare many PC users. However, it is strongly recommended to remove this virus quickly and not to make any payments, whatsoever.

By following the above steps, you will be able to completely remove “FBI Virus”  from your internet browser. If you still experience issues, contact online Virus Removal service like isupport365, who will guide you through the removal of the virus at a low cost of only $29.